Welcome to our school!

The Russian School at Amsterdam is the oldest Saturday school in The Netherlands. From the very beginning the main aim of the school is developing language proficiency and forming cultural identity of bilingual children from mixed families and families of Russian speaking emigrants.

Almost thirty years our doors are open for all children who would like to know more about the language and the culture of their second motherland. Next to kindergarden groups we have also pupils of 17-18 years old who keep attending the lessons even they study at high schools and universities.

At the Russian school we combine required courses with optional ones. In our schedule you can find classes on oral and written skills, Russian grammar and literature, history and geography of Russia, rhetoric and history of arts.

The Russian school at Amsterdam pays, together with the parents, a lot of attention to the linguistic development of the child and supports him in his search of multicultural identity. Thanks to effective teaching methods that are based on longitudinal observations, teaching experience and scientific research on bilingualism, your child can achieve a high level of language proficiency in Russian with good developed oral and written competence.

The Russian school at Amsterdam has good relations with the Slavic Department of the University of Amsterdam and the Hermitage museum on the Amstel.